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报告主题:How to publish in top information systems journals


报告专家:Mikko Siponen 教授

报告时间:2018年03月14日(周三) 14:00-16:00



The seminar starts by looking at which are the top journals in Information systems IS, and how they operate in terms of review practices, and what types of articles the top journals publish. Then we move to discuss general structure of successful research articles in IS. Prof. Siponen discusses what kind of expectations there is in terms of contribution and what is adequate contribution in leading IS journals. Professor Siponen provides numerous tips and challenges for publications in the best information systems journals.


Mikko Siponen is full professor of Information Systems. He has served more than ten years as a Vice Dean for Research, Head of Department, vice head or director of a research center. His degrees include Doctor of Social Sciences, majoring in Philosophy; M.Sc. in Software Engineering; Lic.Phil. in information systems; and Ph.D. in Information Systems. He has received over 10 million EUR of research funding from corporations and numerous other funding bodies. Besides leading industry-funded projects, Siponen has been a PI on projects for the Academy of Finland, the EU, and the Finnish Funding Agency for Innovation. His current H index is 42, and he has more than 7200 citations (Google Scholar). He has published more than 55 articles in journals such as MIS Quarterly and Information Systems Research. Prof. Siponen is currently a Senior Editor (SE) for Journal of the Association for Information Systems. He has been a special issue SE for MISQ, AE for EJIS, I&M and CAIS. Prof. Siponen has been ranked among the most productive IS scholars Europe and worldwide.

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