芬兰于韦斯屈莱大学Mikko Siponen教授一行访问我院

1月17日,应信息管理学院邀请,芬兰于韦斯屈莱大学信息技术学院副院长Mikko Siponen教授和爱沙尼亚塔理工大学商学院郑小松教授来访,就国际合作交流举行洽谈。信息管理学院毛小兵院长、国际合作与交流处肖珑处长以及学院其他领导和部分教师参加了洽谈。

毛小兵院长从学科平台、本科专业、科学研究、师资力量等方面介绍了信息管理学院的基本情况,表达了推进国际化办学的强烈意愿。Mikko Siponen教授介绍了于韦斯屈莱大学信息技术学院本科、硕士和博士研究生的专业方向。双方就“本科层次双学位项目”、“联合培养博士生”和“联合科学研究”等方面进行深入交流,达成了初步的合作意向。


Mikko Siponen教授简

Mikko Siponen is a full professor of Information Systems and Vice Dean for Research of Faculty of Information Technology of University of Jyväskylä, Finland. He has served ten years as a Head of Department, vice head or director of a research center. His degrees include Doctor of Social Sciences, majoring in Philosophy; M.Sc. in Software Engineering; Lic.Phil. in information systems; and Ph.D. in Information Systems. He has received over 10 million EUR of research funding from corporations and numerous other funding bodies. Besides leading industry-funded projects, Siponen has been a PI on projects for the Academy of Finland, the EU, and the Finnish Funding Agency for Innovation. His current H index is 42, and he has more than 7000 citations (Google Scholar). He has published more than 55 articles in top refereed journals such as MIS Quarterly and Information Systems Research. He has been ranked as a top Information Systems scholar in Europe several times (was ranked No.1 in IS research in Europe for two times).

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