报告主题:Rescheduling due to machine disruption(机器受到干扰的重新调度问题)

报告专家:罗文昌  副教授

报告时间:2017年11月17日(周五) 15:30-17:00



  We investigate a single machine rescheduling problem that arises from an unexpected machine unavailability, after the given set of jobs has already been scheduled to minimize the total weighted completion time. Such a disruption is represented as an unavailable time interval and is revealed to the production planner before any job is processed; the production planner wishes to reschedule the jobs to minimize the alteration to the originally planned schedule, which is measured as the maximum time deviation between the original and the new schedules for all the jobs. The objective function in this rescheduling problem is to minimize the sum of the total weighted completion time and the weighted maximum time deviation, under the constraint that the maximum time deviation is bounded above by a given value. That is, the maximum time deviation is taken both as a constraint and as part of the objective function. We present a pseudo-polynomial time exact algorithm and a fully polynomial time approximation scheme.


      罗文昌博士,江西吉水人,目前是宁波大学理学院运筹学副教授。2011年6月获浙江大学运筹学博士学位。2015年8月-2016年8月和2017年6月-9月于加拿大阿尔伯塔大学计算科学系进行访问研究。主要研究方向包括组合优化、管理科学中的数学建模与计算等。参加国家自然科学基金面上项目4项, 主持市厅级项目4项,自2010年以来,在Algorithmica, OMEGA, JOCO, IPL, CIE, JIMO等国际主流学术期刊及ISSAC2016, AAIM2010, FAW-AAIM2011, COCOA2016等国际主流学术会议发表SCI, SSCI及EI检索学术论文15篇。

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